Hi! I’m Jasper. I’ve been working as a data specialist for the last five years. Currently, I’m a data engineer at GoDataDriven, where I’m applying (and developing) my skills in building data pipelines, analytics engineering, and MLOps. I enjoy equal parts working on R&D projects, productionizing solutions and coaching teams on becoming data-driven.

Poetry project templates for Python

Often, beginning a new Python project starts with the same steps: (1) virtual environment, (2) dependencies, (3) project folders, (4) coding. If you’re trying to get up-and-running quickly, it often happens that you get sloppy on steps 1-3, a decision that starts to haunt you once you really need to get productive. Additionally, my python projects involve a lot more dependencies that I re-use pretty much all the time (black, pre-commit, mypy etc)....

July 11, 2021 · 3 min · Jasper Ginn